Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Biomedical Sciences in Histocellular Pathology

Biomedical Scientists in Histocellular Pathology* plan, process, evaluate and control the several study and processing stages of tissue samples collected from living or dead organisms for macroscopic and microscopic, optical or electronic analysis to obtain a Histological or Cytological diagnosis.

These professionals have to put into practice key knowledge on the areas of histology, pathology, chemistry and molecular biology as well as advanced knowledge on the relevant technologies – histology, cytology, immunocytochemistry, thanatology, forensic and molecular pathology. Besides evaluating and controlling the quality of their results, they have to project and proactively implement research methodologies, participating in multidisciplinary teams.

The major areas of activity of Biomedical Scientists in Histocellular Pathology are diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic prediction. In addition, these professionals actively participate in screening, education
and health promotion activities.

Career Options

Public and private hospitals
Specialized equipment companies
Public and private laboratories
Healthcare units
University laboratories
Education and research centres
Animal anatomy laboratories
Dentistry laboratories
Forensic Institute


*Functional content regulated by Decree-Law no. 564/99 of 21st December; Decree-Law no. 261/93 of 24th July and Decree-Law no. 320/99 of 11th August.