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Dietetics and Nutrition

A dietitian is a professional with qualifications in Nutrition & Dietetics recognized by national authority. The dietitian applies the science of nutrition to the feeding and education of groups of people and individuals in health and disease. The dietetic practice performs on different areas of dietetics and nutrition sciences like health promotion and education, nutrition support therapy, education and research, food safety, administration and management of nutrition and dietetic services. At these domains the dietitian may experience a variety of work functions and responsibilities and specially, can work in a multidisciplinary professional’s team.

Within Europe, dietitians find themselves practising in three main areas. The European Dietetic Benchmark Statement indicates the three areas of specialization, recognized by EFAD, which can occur and are within the practice of dietetics in Europe. These are:

Clinical dietitian – a dietitian who has responsibility for planning, education, supervision and evaluation of a clinically support therapy (oral, enteral and parenteral nutrition care) to restore the patient functional and nutritional health. Clinical dietitians can work in primary, secondary and tertiary health care institutions.

Community or public health dietitian – a dietitian directly involved in health promotion and policy formulation that leads to the promotion food choice amongst individuals and groups to improve or maintain their nutritional health and minimizes risk from nutritionally derived illness.

General dietitian – a dietitian who focuses and works primarily within food service management with responsibility for providing nutritionally adequate diets, quality food to individuals or groups in health and disease in an institution or a community setting

Career Options

Healthcare units
Hospital units
Private clinics
Sports centres
Pre and pos educational centres
Research centres
Kindergarten and schools
Catering companies
Food Technology companies
Pharmaceutical industries
Nursing homes
Palliative healthcare units


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