Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Environmental Health

Environmental Health professionals* can work in three different areas: Public Health, Occupational Health and Environmental Management. In each one of these areas, these professionals identify and evaluate risk factors affecting health and safety, resulting from human actions and propose measures to eliminate and/or control those risks.

This profession, in constant development, deals with disease prevention and health promotion. Environmental Health professionals are also qualified to carry out research studies and management, training and education activities. The evolution of this professional area will depend on the relevance given to environmental factors and to their impact on health.

Career Options

Healthcare units
Regional and Local Healthcare Public Institutions
Public and private companies


*Functional content regulated by Decree-Law no. 117/95 of 30th May; Decree-Law no. 564/99 of 21st December; Decree-Law no. 261/93 of 24th July and Decree-Law no. 320/99 of 11th August.