Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Orthoptics and Vision Sciences

Orthoptics professionals* identify, quantify and qualify eye abnormalities and ocular motility disorders. Based on a diagnosis, they plan and implement therapeutic programs intended to re-educate and rehabilitate the motor and functional aspects of binocular vision and visual impairment. They also carry out actions intended to optimize the capabilities of persons with visual impairment so as to ensure their rehabilitation and social functioning with all relevant results on their quality of life.

These professionals have a strong direct involvement with patients, which requires very good skills to interpret and integrate information from various sources, combining theoretical knowledge on anatomy, physiology, pathology and psychosocial functioning with therapeutic intervention patterns. Orthoptics professionals work in the areas of diagnosis, therapeutics, rehabilitation, research, management and education and carries out screening and prevention programs within the scope of health promotion and education.

Career Options

Public and private hospitals
Healthcare units
Private clinics
Educational institutions
Industrial and commercial units
Sports centres
Rehabilitation centres
Self-employed professional

*Functional content regulated by Decree-Law no. 564/99 of 21st December; Decree-Law no. 261/93 of 24th July and Decree-Law no. 320/99 of 11th August.