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Pharmacy Professionals* work in the production and distribution of drugs and other health products by galenical formulation and medical prescription, or in the dispensing of over-the-counter drugs. They are involved in the whole drug circuit, from the acquisition/reception to the dispensing to the patient.

Besides ensuring the management and quality of drugs, they advise patients and health professionals on the use of drugs and health products.

The rationalization of the use of drugs, the need for innovation in the healthcare system and the demands from the new technologies applied to the distribution and manufacture of drugs strengthen the role of these professionals in healthcare teams.

The main intervention area at the core of this profession is therapy, but Pharmacy professionals are also prepared to work in disease prevention and health promotion, research, education and management. In 2005, their participation in management jobs was strengthened with a new law that authorised them to be Pharmacy Associates responsible for over-the-counter drugs.

Career Options

Hospital pharmacies
Community pharmacies
Points of Sale of over-the-counter medicines
Regional and Local Healthcare Public Bodies
Pharmaceutical industry
Education and research centres


*Functional content regulated by Decree-Law no. 564/99 of 21st December; Decree-Law no. 261/93 of 24th July and Decree-Law no. 320/99 of 11th August.
Pharmacy Associates for Over-the-Counter Medicines: Decree-Law no. 134/05 of 16th August.