Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Carla Lança

Professora Adjunta

Nota Biográfica

Academic Degrees

  • 2014 - PhD in Public Health, specialization in health promotion - National School of Public Health, Lisbon NOVA University. Thesis – Visual function and reading performance in school aged children:
  • 2010 - Master Degree in Social-Organizational Intervention in Health - University of Évora/Lisbon School of Health Technology. Thesis – Relationship between competencies and professional practice in Orthoptists’ performing visual screening in children
  • 2007 - Bachelor Degree in Orthoptics - Lisbon School of Health Technology. Monograph – Determinant factors in parental compliance with occlusion in amblyopic children.

Academic roles and appointments

  • Current – Assistant Professor in Orthoptics [BSc (Hons) Orthopticsat ESTeSL 
  • 2018 to 2021 - Research Fellow at the Singapore Eye Research Institute (Singapore)
  • 2017 to 2018 - Orthoptic BSc (Hons) Program Leader at ESTeSL
  • Since 2012 – Master thesis advisor
  • Since 2008 - Lecture and Assistant Professor in Orthoptics. Teaching in the field of Orthoptics.

Work experience as Orthoptist

  • 2007 to 2017 Orthoptic experience in paediatric patients care during guidance of students in the field of binocular vision and strabismus at Ophthalmology Clinic Prof. Doutor Reich d’Almeida. 

Áreas de Investigação

Research Profiles

Selected Peer-reviewed Papers

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