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Carla Viegas
Carla Viegas

Categoria | Professor Coordenador com Agregação
Departamento | Ciências do Diagnóstico, Terapêutica e Saúde Pública
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Nota Biográfica 

Graduated in Environmental Health from Lisbon School of Health Technology – Polytechnic Institute of Lisbon has a Master degree in Safety and Ergonomics from Lisbon University and PhD in Occupational and Environmental Health from New University of Lisbon. The author’s major field of study is occupational and environmental mycology leading and participating in several national and international projects about both areas of expertise. Professor at Lisbon School of Health Technology, Director of the Occupational Health Master’s course and researcher at H&TRC.    


Áreas de Investigação e de Interesse Científico
  • Occupational exposure to fungi in highly contaminated settings
  • Culture based-methods and molecular tools to assess fungal contamination                                                                                                           
  • Climate change impact on exposure to microbial contamination 
Experiência Profissional relevante - externa à ESTeSL
  • World Top 2% most cited scientist worldwide in 2021 by Stanford University list
  • Ranking sixth in the list of Experts in Air Microbiology Worldwide during the years 2012-2022 (
  • Scientific advisor to the Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council in areas related with Biodiversity and Health and Biosafety (2021).
  • National expert WG 5 – Measurement of biological agents) from CEN TC 137 – Assessment of workplace exposure to chemical and biological agents since 2017